Here are the so called best books for your preparation for IIT JEE :
Ist Reading : HC Verma ( Do all questions and solved examples thoroughly )
2nd Reading : Resnick Halliday ( Do hard questions )
Specialized :
MECHANICS--------------------(no book has all the concepts required for JEE) 
Physics by H.C. Verma
Problems in physics by I.E. Irodov
Resnick and Halliday
ELECRICITY AND MAGNETISM---------------------
Resnick and Halliday
Circuits devices and systems by R.J. Smith
Problems in physics by I.E. Irodov
H.C. Verma
MODERN PHYSICS---------------------
H.C. Verma
Problems in Physics by I.E. Irodov
HEAT AND WAVES------------------
H.C. Verma
Resnick and Halliday
Specialized :
ORGANIC CHEMISTRY-------------------
Morrison & Boyd
Solomons & Fryle
INORGANIC CHEMISTRY------------------
Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J.D. Lee
IIT Chemistry by O.P. Aggarwal  ( Best )
PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY--------------------
P Bahadur
R.C. Mukerjee(Numerical Chemistry) 
GENERAL CHEMISTRY-------------------
J.D. Lee
O.P. Aggarwal
Specialized :
High school mathematics by Hall and Knight
M.L. Khanna
Calculus and analytic geometry by Thomas and Finney
Coordinate geometry by Loney
Trigonometry by Loney
Maths by M.L. Khanna
higher Algebra by Hall & Knight
IIT Maths by M.L. Khanna
If you really want to master Mathematics for IIT JEE :
Try A Dasgupta ( Subjective )
There is nothing better than that , so try it only if you can solve all others .

There is no shortage of good books but it is not necessary that every book
suits you compeletely so it is wise to try the book first from the library and
then go on for buying it if it suits you.
But here are a few books that you cant afford to miss :

Otherwise good books per
subject are----

Which books are good for MATHS?

  • S.L.Loney for trignometry,coordinate geometry and vectors
  • I.A.Maron for calculus  (selected portions)
  • Amit M. Agarwal(high level practice)
  • M.L.Khanna’s IIT guide (is quite good for practice)
  • Tata McGraw Hill (it is a must)

Which  books are good for CHEMISTRY?
– Physical chemistry

  • R.C.Mukerjee (try to almost complete the book)
  • P.Bahadur
  • IIT guide by O.P.Agarwal

– Organic chemistry

  • Morrison Boyd (selectively study…very nice book!)
  • Solutions to Morrison Boyd (IIT profs. make lots of problem from this book!!!)
  • IIT guide by O.P.Agarwal (problems only,don’t go in for theory)
  • Solomon & Fryl

– Inorganic chemistry

  • IIT guide by O.P.Agarwal is sufficient
  • Any intermediate inorganic chemistry book. (like NCERT)

Which books are good for PHYSICS?

we have categorized the books into three categories as follows

– Mechanics

  • Resnick Halliday Part 1(this book is superb provided  you have somebody to xplain it to you..)
  • H.C.Verma Part 1(very nice book..lots of conceptual problems ..but no complicated problems)
  • I.E.Irodov (most of the problems are quite good.Leave heavy dose mathematical problems)

– Electricity and Magnetism

  • Resnick Halliday Part 2 (this is very nice book provided you have somebody to xplain the text for you)
  • H.C.Verma Part 2 ( problems are conceptual , but not sufficient)
  • I.E.Irodov (only those problems that are in your course)

– Modern Physics

  • H.C.Verma Part 2 (modern physics portion should be done as much as possible)
  • D.C. Pandey

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